About Shay

My name is Shayla Ann, Im a certified Holistic Health Consultant by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Growing up I struggled with my own health issues that were diet and lifestyle related. The more I learned about healing the body through nutrition, and eliminating toxins it fueled my passion to guide others on their health journey. My mission is to bring more awareness from the food we buy, the cleaning products we use, to the water we drink and creating more mindfulness on where we get our sources. My unique background in education is different then most fitness instructors because I approach optimal health with lifestyle changes that go beyond food and fitness.  My focus is disease prevention and longevity. My dream started with fitness but has vastly expanded to understanding the body and mind on a deeper internal level and how it interacts with our environment. By implementing regular detox methods I can show you how to consistently be in a fat burning state, build lean muscle mass, gain more natural energy, and cultivate better emotional stability in your relationships. We all deserve to live our most empowering life it all starts with our health!     

My Life Mission – My vision is to encourage sustainability in our everyday living and working harmoniously with Mother Earth.  Transforming the health of others and empowering them to become their greatest version through holistic practices.      

Coaching Keynote – I can only take you as far as your willing to go. I am here to provide tools and education to become your best version but its up to you to utilize them and take action! Communication is essential throughout this program and it must be a two way street in order to get optimal results.